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Team Atlanta Weightlifting is a competitive weightlifting team organized under United States of America Weightlifting.  Our team is open to all levels of lifters, aged 11 and up.  The goal of Team Atlanta Weightlifting is to create an inclusive, positive training environment that gives lifters the opportunity to compete at National and International events.  Team Atlanta Weightlifting trains out of Strength Lab, a strength and conditioning facility located near the Morningside and Ansley neighborhoods in Atlanta.



Team Atlanta Weightlifting is coached by Jason Thomas, a USAW Advanced Performance Coach.  An experienced strength and conditioning coach, Jason applies his knowledge of biomechanics and human physiology to develop technically proficient lifters while also promoting a positive training environment for all athletes. Aside from his USAW credentials, Jason possesses a Masters of Science in Biomechanics, is a Certified Strength and Conditoning Specialist (CSCS), and is pursuing a PhD in Exercise Physiology at Georgia State University


About Weightlifting

The sport of Weightlifting is an internationally recognized sport which has designation as an Olympic sport.  The governing body is the International Weightlifting Association.  Athletes train to compete in the two events of The Snatch and The Clean and Jerk.  Using a combination of strength, speed, balance and flexibility, successful athletes will acquire the ability to lift far more than their own body weight from the ground to an overhead position.  As a judged sport, athletes must adhere to a strict  set of rules concerning form and progression in order to earn Three White Lights and Good Lift!


Free Weightlifting Mondays

Team Atlanta Weightlifting 

is welcoming middle school and high school aged individuals to come try weightlifting for free.

Mondays at 4:00 PM- 5:15 PM.  

Learn proper technique and fun in this youth and junior athlete training session.  No prior sports experience required!

Call (404) 736-3120 to reserve a slot!

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Team Atlanta Weightlifting

1874 Piedmont Road, NE - Suite 420-D, Atlanta, GA 30324

(404) 736-3120


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